Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization


Do you want people to see your website when they search for “I need a (insert your business)” or “Where is the best (insert your business) in (insert your town or city)”  Of course you do. Why is it so important? Getting your site optimized to rank on search engines will bring you free traffic, and free traffic is the best kind of traffic. The top 3 positions in the organic search results will get over 50% of clicks from searchers on Google.

IM Armory is a local SEO service provider that can help get your business on the front page of Google.  We help our clients get better traffic, great leads and a whole lot of exposure to make your business known. Through our quality local search optimization services, we’re confident that we can get your website in front of more eyes. Therefore increasing your visibility in the online world, and further increase your sales and your success!

Gone are the days when people pull out their good old Yellow Pages to help them find a business or service. (You remember the big thick book grandma used to sit you on at the dinner table.) The Internet and search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google have replaced pretty much all other information resources. With so many businesses out there, how do you think your business can get to the top of search engines? SEO is the key.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps businesses be easily found on the web. Local SEO helps by getting your high in the search results this drives more traffic to your business.

Some key components of a good SEO strategy are:

On site optimization – optimizing page titles and headings.

Great Content –great content happens to be one of the best strategies for effective search engine optimization. When you place great content on your site pages, it not only draws your customers in but also tells search engines how you are different and better the other business competing for the same eyeballs’.

Keyword research – using terms in your content that match what people are likely to be searching for is paramount to SEO success.

Blogging – blogging regularly contributes well to SEO. This shows the search engines you are active and involved.

Social Media – search engines take into account social media activity, including how many people are talking about your business and interacting with your social media accounts. In simple terms, if the search engine sees people talking about and interacting with your business they (search engines) send more traffic your way.

Local SEO services – your local businesses can and should tailor your  SEO efforts to your to your local market.

With the help of IM Armory, all these services will be right at fingertips. From guidance to professional SEO strategies and implementation, we’re here to help. Get your business right where your target customers are. Interested? Please get in touch using the contact details below or use the contact form. We’re excited to work with you!

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