Reputation Management

Reputation Management


All businesses especially local businesses need a constant flow of new customers coming to their business in order to prosper. Businesses that have a horrible online reputation, justified or not, will find it much more difficult to do business in today’s environment.

Today’s consumer is better educated. They do their research online and they want to do business with people that others know, like and trust. When a potential customer finds bad Yelp reviews, for example, they just move on to the next listing never giving you another chance. Managing the reputation of your business online needs to be done in a very proactive manner. Not only do you need to eliminate or drastically reduce the negative comments and reviews you must increase the positive comments and reviews. The old saying goes that a happy customer MAY share their experience with one person but an angry customer will share their displeasure with 9 others. Well, that ratio has changed a bit with the advent of the internet. In fact, Pete Shaw wrote a book titled “Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3,000: Running a Business in Today’s Consumer-Driven World”. It’s a quick read and available on Amazon.

Reputation management safeguards you and your business’s name by neutralizing the bad with the good and by suppressing the negative comments and reviews present online. There is no time limit on how long current reviews will be visible to the world. You must take action to minimize the negative influence bad comments and reviews have on your business. 

A stellar online reputation is within your reach. Get in touch today.


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