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Local SEO - IM Armory

Local SEO

Local SEO


You know that you need to find more customers or clients. Everybody and their brother is online and that’s where you must be as well. We all agree your business needs to continue to grow in order to keep you ahead of your competitors. You need a simple effective and affordable online marketing strategy. Understandably you don’t know where to start. We do….

In today’s fast paced “connected” world, your local business will flourish or dry up and fall off the vine based on local search rankings. More and more people use local search to find businesses. If you’re not showing up above your competitors, you are missing out on valuable customers.54% of people use their mobile phone fro local search

The number one position on the SERP results gets about 30% of the clicks. As you can see from the chart above 50% of searches done from a smartphone are looking for your address. 54%  are wanting to make sure you are open. This is one of the most compelling reasons you why you must have a strong presence in the local listings. Don’t forget  “The number one position on the SERP results gets about 30% of the clicks.”

Wouldn’t that be a nice place to be! Let’s do it together.

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