How You Can Step Up Your Work Schedule Game

How You Can Step Up Your Work Schedule Game

Productivity is arguably the most important aspect of running a small business or any business for that matter. The more productive you and your employees get out of your work schedule, the more revenue your business will generate. In fact, more productive companies have 50% higher operating margins.

One way to go about boosting your productivity is by getting more organized.

When you organize every single day and your entire week with a specific purpose in mind, you and your employees will get more done and build a successful and profitable business.

Therefore, I have put this guide together to help organize your workweek at a small business…

Create a task value chart delegate tasks based on value:

Cutting down goals into tasks is a common method people use these days to simplify projects. But what they forget to do is make a task value chart. A task value chart is a spreadsheet where you detail how valuable a task is. Tasks that add more value to your business’s bottom line should come under high value tasks and tasks that don’t make that much of a difference should be categorized as low value tasks.

An example of a high value task is a meeting with a potential client who could hire you and pay you thousands of dollars. While a low value task is scheduling the meeting with the client.

Another example of a high value task is creating a webinar that can generate sales. And a low value task is sharing details about the webinar with your social media followers.

This way you should asses tasks and grade them based on their value on a scale of 1 to 10 and then delegate them to the right people. You, yourself or your most skilled employees can handle high value tasks. While employees such as your assistants can handle low value tasks.

You can also hire virtual assistants to help you handle the low value tasks, especially if they are a lot of them. And of course, there are a lot of tasks you can automate. This can work out even cheaper than hiring a virtual assistant. Automation apps can also handle certain tasks more efficiently than virtual assistants.

Have a work schedule for each day:

Another tactic that works very well is having a work theme for each day of the week. This will help you and your team focus on one thing and minimize distractions. For example, Monday can be the day when you work on your marketing, Tuesday can be for sales and Wednesday can be for meetings.

This way choose a theme for each day. You can create a work schedule template in advance to help you stick to this format and make it a habit.

The main benefit of having a theme is that it prevents multitasking which most of us aren’t very good at. Studies have shown that multitasking can reduce productivity by 40%.

When you force yourself and your team to work based on a theme for an entire day, you will completely eliminate multi-tasking.

Plan even minor details beforehand:

There’s a problem many of us face almost every day that destroys our productivity. This is known as decision fatigue. When you have several decisions to make on a daily basis, it leads to paradox of choice. Having to make these decisions on a daily basis not only costs us time, but also makes us mentally tired and it reduces our focus and productivity rates.

So, plan every single thing you need to do beforehand. Decide on what you are going to eat, at what time you will get to work and more minor decisions like these at the beginning of the week or the previous night at least. Top entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg take decision fatigue very seriously. This is one of the reasons why he wears the same clothes every single day.


This is the simple step by step process you can use to organize your week. It does take some effort and a lot of time to get organized, but the effect it will have on your business is priceless. If you are too busy to handle this, I recommend that you get one of your employees to do this or outsource a freelancer to help you out. There are many people out there who specialize in this.

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