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Brief Guidelines for Local SEO Marketing

SEO and Local marketing is an ever-evolving art form.  SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. As modern technology progresses, the best way for marketing online is being on the front page of the search results and above the fold (just like a newspaper, so to speak).

The purpose of this tactic is simply to rate your business on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you are at the top of the first page you are golden. One the first page, you are ahead of thousands looking to be where you are.  

We are going to cover a few important factors that you should take into consideration. If applied correctly, you will be able to see a significant amount of views on your website, which will turn into success/sales for your business.

SEO Keywords

The most important factor when it comes to local SEO services is the SEO keywords. Keywords are what customers/consumers use when searching for items. Keywords or labels such as (Mexican restaurant, spa, or coffee café) are used on a daily basis. The businesses that are optimized for those keywords specifically are usually the ones who show up on the front page.

Within your website, there are specific ways to add keywords to your website that forces the search engines to look at your site. If you do things such as write blogs or new articles, these are also an extra way to add SEO keywords to your website. Social media interaction is an ever-increasing SEO measurement as well.

Brand name and industry

It is very important to differentiate your brand name within your industry.You must know what your competitors are actively involved with.  The last thing that you want to have is a vaguely similar business name to your competitor. Typically, the business which has operated longest and had more history will show up first when locals search on search engines. Your goal is to be at the top of the list of your respective product or service.


In addition, if the products/services you are offering are not the only one of its kind, it will be more of a challenge to get your business to the top of the search engine results. If you are in an industry that is saturated within the local community, then you just have a little more work cut out for you, that’s all. Customer reviews are another key factor to put your business name at the top of search engine website lists.

Logos of major companies. Apple, coca-cola, Mcdonalds,visa, facebook and more.

These factors are some of the most important elements.You must consider and implement if you are expecting your website to be like a silent salesperson that never sleeps, gets sick or goes on vacation.  At the end of the day, technology is no longer just our future, but it is a part of our daily lives. Customers/consumers use the Internet and search engines every day to find the best local deals/products/services that they desire. Utilize SEO to the best of your ability and success will follow.

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